About Miss America


  • The Miss America Organization is the world’s largest provider of scholarship assistance for young women; over $45 million in tuition scholarship assistance was made available this past year.
  • Miss America started in 1921 by businessmen in Atlantic City as a way of extending the summer season.
  • Today’s Miss America Organization is a not for profit organization dedicated to empowering young women to achieve their personal, professional and educational goals.
  • Miss America is proud of its heritage and it is more relevant than ever as an enormous opportunity for some of the most intelligent, outgoing, multi-faceted and stylish women today.
  • The Miss America Organization provides young women an opportunity to further their personal and professional goals and instill a spirit of community service through a variety of unique nationwide community based programs.
  • The young women who compete in the Miss America system are intelligent, articulate, highly motivated, caring, talented, ambitious and hard working.  They are passionate about their platform issues and are major contributors to public service.  They exemplify leadership skills, strength of character and spirit…they touch lives.
  • The dedicated young women who compete for the coveted Miss America title donate more than 500,000 hours each year to make Miss America one of the largest community service organizations in the country.
  • Previous Miss America titleholders have gone on to accomplish great things in all aspects of their lives from business to family, to community, and they embody everything MAO represents.
  • After Miss America is selected she embarks on a year-long national speaking tour. As a national spokesperson and advocate, Miss America travels the country addressing diverse audiences, increasing awareness and promoting her chosen platform.
  • Each year, tens of thousands of Miss America volunteers give over 500,000 hours of service to more than over 12,000 community-service projects.